Welcome to our wacky world

Welcome to the spacenuts – Tom and Laura together with baby Immelsan, Castor, Eno, Mitzi, and Mandy.

May 18, 2006

Tom created a very nice blog for us to use instead of messing with the html to update this page - check it out: spacenuts.org/blog. This is where you should go for updates on our lives and our family's lives and links to new photographs. You can interact with this blog by creating a user name and password and then you can comment on any of the postings we make. Try it out!

Laura will still try to put photographs of her growing belly on this page as a sequence with the others below.

March 25, 2006

Tom and I are finally going through the crazy adventure of pregnancy and hopefully soon a new baby boy! His due date is June 30th. This has inspired us to get a nice digital camera (in December) and now to get our own website up and going. Since most requests for photographs have been of Laura's belly, we have photos here, up and center. Click on the images below to get a bigger (640x480) photograph. To get images at high enough resolution for printing, go below to our "Winter 2005-6" photographs links.

01/02/06 Laura

02/21/06 Laura

03/07/06 Laura & Eno

03/18/06 Laura & Rachel

03/23/06 Laura

05/28/06 Laura, Eno, Mitzi

05/29/06 Laura in Swimsuit & Eno

Winter: Dec, 2005-March, 2006

We had a wonderful winter, except for Laura's nausea and throwing up every other day. It was a time of seeing friends and family, enjoying our jobs, and praying that the embryo would “stick” and become a fetus. For selected images of our Winter,

  • Click here for a page of thumbnails of images linked to 640x480 sized images.
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  • Click here for a page of thumbnail of images linked to much larger sized images good for printing.
  • Note that these images are organized by name, which means that they are not in any particular order in time. To get the date and information about who is in the image, look at the filename of the image.